Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions from parents, on many issues regarding AllstarSoccer. To assist we have compiled the most frequently asked questions below, together with answers. As always please feel free to contact us should you require any further clarification.

  1. Would I be entitled to receive a refund or reduction in fees if my child is unable to attend a session(s)?

All fees are to be paid in full, irrespective of whether your child attends the session or not, as we have to pre pay for the use of the facilities and coaches.

  1. Do I need to purchase a kit for my child?

Allstar Soccer players are expected to purchase a kit and wear appropriate Allstar kit whilst attending training or matches. It is good for discipline and evokes a more professional image for the players and the academy.

  1. Are there any charges other than training fees?

There is an annual administration charge of £15 due on 1st September and if your child is selected to play in any matches or tournaments there is also a fee of £10 per match/ tournament.

  1. How often should my child attend training?

Players are expected to attend as many training sessions as possible, including those put on during the holiday breaks. We would advise at least 2 per week, in order to see improvement. It is worth noting that at professional academies they would be expected to train at least 3 times per week.

  1. How do I get my child into the Elite training?

We split our training into ‘Development’ (Monday) and ‘Elite’ (Wednesday & Friday). Having observed a player over time we will determine whether your child should be invited to our Development session or Elite sessions. If your child is selected to be in the Elite sessions we will continue to monitor their progress. However if we feel players who are in Elite sessions would better benefit from moving back to the Development sessions then we will make that decision. There is no guarantee that Elite session players will stay in that group, just as there is no guarantee that development session players will remain within that group.

  1. Is my child guaranteed a place in academy matches and tournaments if they attend and pay for regular training with Allstar Soccer? 

Player selection for matches will be based purely on the players ability and whether the coaches feel that it is appropriate for them to play in selected games. Acceptance into Elite sessions, does not guarantee that you will play in organised matches. Equally, if your child is selected to play, their game time is at the discretion of the coach managing the team; payment for match attendance does not guarantee your child a full game.

We will endeavour to arrange matches of varying difficulty from strong local teams, other academies as well as professional football clubs. Again the selection process will be based on individual ability and nothing else.

The purpose of Allstar Soccer is to develop individual players. Allstar Soccer coaches regularly discuss player development and when matches and tournaments are organised we endeavour to match individual player ability against our opposition; it may be that your child is not ready to face very strong opposition at that time and will not be selected to play. It is therefore important that training sessions are attended by your child as often as possible, and that efforts are made to take advantage of as many holiday training camps as possible; it is only by regular coaching, good attitude and hard work that improvements will be seen.